Frozen In Time was started in 2010 as an offshoot of Catch Light Photography by Ace photographer Paramjit Chawla.

The company was herald with a mission to give new dimensions in the luxury photography space which was a culmination of latest photography techniques, expertise and fashion that was booming in the varied types of celebration space.

Candid photography had taken its inroads in Indian big fat wedding celebrations. This trend was catching fast pace and Catch Light as progressive photography Services Company decided to launch the new vertical as Frozen in Time.

Frozen in Time - this one phrase exquisitely explains our profile. Yes! What we do for you is to effortlessly capture your cherished moments; meticulously work on the details; and then present an impeccable work of art i.e. your own choicest moments of life ‘frozen in time’ ever refreshing for your visits in years to come.

We celebrate unique stories and our pictures narrate the tale in the most memorable style that is for lifetime.

Frozen in Time makes special memories unforgettable by crafting them beautifully in picture books and wedding albums to reflect your joy and happiness forever.

The albums are offered in printed as well as digital formats basis customer requirements.

For your special reasons be it a luxury Wedding, Baby Shower, Your Child first dance performance or your daughters sports finale, We at Frozen In time assure you of the work of art that you will cherish for and it gives us a reason to be here for days to come.

Our Team Members

Paramjit Chawla

I believe that everyone has a story. Mine is very simple & straight. I love to take photographs. You may call me, eager, passionate, spirited, or even fervent. The simple fact is I truly love photography.

From the inception of Catch Light Photography to diversifying into new age Luxury celebrations photography space with Frozen in Time, my mission has always been to exceed expectations.

To provide service that goes beyond cliché. I enjoy interacting and appreciating the beauty around us in living & non living both to create stellar images that speak for themselves.

My expertise and core advantage is fashion photography and with Frozen In Time the challenge as a photographer has increased as I believe celebration pictures are best shot when LIFE COMES REAL in pictures.

Frozen in Time is New Delhi based luxury celebrations photography studio that can bring an epic experience to your cherished moments.

The vertical is owned and promoted by Ace Fashion Photographer Paramjit Chawla.

Angad Singh

He is young and dramatic in his thoughts. Photography is in his genes but it was his vision that realized that Catch Light Productions now needed to diversify into something that was catching pace fast.

His dream and confidence in his endeavors were realized when his dad strict disciplarian in photography business saw the potential and value addition to the business that Frozen in Time was born.

Frozen in Time is headed by Angad Chawla who loves to shoot dramatic compositions, fearless shots, believes in making ordinary looks, scenes, locations; expressions live with his thoughts and constructions.

Great on his technology skills believes that if pictures don’t speak they are lifeless & dead.

Young at heart, adventurous, qualified international tennis player and now luxury Celebrations Photographer by profession.

Avneet Chawla

This young lass is another creative asset to Frozen In Time; known for her skills & expertise in Jewellery Designing. She handles Clients portfolio and Commercials for Frozen In Time.

Frozen in Time happened when she was trying to explore and satisfy her creative instincts and indulge in something she really believed in and that was designs that had a story to tell.

She is a Jewellery Designer with her own label named Baguettes N Lullus by AVNEET CHAWLA Jewellery Line.

She designs for clients who are looking at something that is tailor-made and not available off the shelf.

She also handles Clients portfolio and Commercials for Frozen In Time.